Best Impressions Dental offers personalized denture services to restore the function and aesthetics of your smile. Whether you need complete dentures or partials, our skilled team is here to provide solutions that fit your needs and lifestyle.

We understand the importance of comfortable, well-fitting dentures, and we use advanced technology to ensure your new teeth look natural and feel great. Our dentures not only help you regain your chewing function, but they also support facial muscles, enhancing your overall appearance.

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Conventional (average cost $2,000 - $3000):

  • A conventional denture is a full denture that replaces all teeth on either arch once a patient's teeth have been extracted or if the patient is currently edentulous (missing all teeth).


  • A denture made for insertion directly after the patient has had teeth extracted. Primarily used to temporarily replace teeth to keep aesthetic appearance, occlusion and phonetics while patient heals and conventional denture is fabricated. This denture is not meant for long term use only recommended for the duration of healing period.


  • A denture that is used to replace one or several missing teeth – does not cover the entire arch. Will clasp on to surrounding teeth or implants to hold in place.

    Conventional Denture Knowledge

    What you need to know.

    • Least costly option but can have the most obstacles
    • Self care: soaking, cleaning, maintaining cleanly habits at home along with dental visits to check tissue health along with in office denture disinfectant
    • Held in with adhesive or natural suction, sometimes needing both
    • Can be difficult to achieve proper function due to bone level present in mouth and/or health of patient’s gingival tissue
    • May cause difficulty with pronunciation and sense of taste due to full palatal coverage

    Implant Supported/Retained Dentures:

    • A denture that snaps in or is screwed onto dental implants.

    How do implants help support denture?

    • Implants secure the denture in place creating sturdiness and stability
    • Having implants stimulate bone to help minimize bone resorption
    • Implant supported/retained dentures are much more comfortable
    • Allows for better digestion due to ability to chew more efficiently
    • Adhesive no longer required
    • Implants create structural support for denture
    • Larger expense treatment option with a more superior long-term result
    • Self care: cleaning and maintaining cleanly habits at home along with dental visits to check tissue health along with in office denture disinfectant and implant cleaning

    Implant Retained Denture (average cost $10,000 - $15,000)

    • Can also be referred to as a Locator retained denture
    • More cost effective option
    • Snaps onto implants to keep denture in place
    • Removable which gives patient ability to keep appliance clean at home
    • Requires less maintenance

    Implant Supported Denture (average cost $30,000 - $35,000)

    • Can also be referred to as an All-on-4 or All-on-5, screw retained denture
    • Most expensive denture option
    • Denture is screwed down into implants making it a fixed appliance
    • Cannot be removed by patient
    • Diligent maintenance required at home due to being screw retained
    • Regular cleanings in office required.
    • Only Dentist can remove this appliance for cleaning/continuing care

    Denture Quality Options


    • Generic
    • Denture Features are less appeasing
    • Teeth wear quicker
    • Less stain resistant
    • Tooth quality is basic
    • Teeth appear dull sooner than with upgraded teeth
    • Color choices are limited
    • Denture base has smooth gum appearance
    • Due to reduced fee by insurance, the lab chosen uses materials that will not have the highest quality, strength, wear resistance, and aesthetics.


    • Custom
    • Dental features are more aesthetically pleasing
    • Enhanced natural appeal
    • Wear and stain resistance with detailed customization
    • Tooth quality is extra-high density and highly wear resistant
    • Color choices are broad
    • Denture base has additional customization for a more natural look
    • Choosing the premium quality denture that uses materials of the highest quality, strength, wear resistance and aesthetics will have an extra lab cost that is not covered under insurance.